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Turbo blown, smoking or making excessive noise?

Turbo blown, smoking or making excessive noise?

Being quoted R25000, R30000 or more?

A blown turbocharger doesn’t have to mean financial ruin!

We can usually offer a replacement brand new genuine turbocharger for a fraction of the dealer price. Often we find that the diagnosis that the turbocharger needs replacement is incorrect and a simple quick cheap repair will solve your power loss problem. If we cannot source a new original turbocharger, we will endeavour to repair your existing one. However, we do not recommend attempting to refurbish the latest electronically controlled VNT diesel turbochargers.

Replacement of your existing turbocharger with a new one usually only takes one day but if your turbocharger needs to be repaired this can take a couple of days longer.

Alpine Turbo CC was formerly known as Alpine Developments and we were probably the number one company in South Africa offering turbocharger conversions for many different makes and models of vehicles. However, all the manufacturers are now producing their own very competent factory turbocharged vehicles so we stopped doing conversions a few years ago. Virtually no companies in RSA now offer after market turbocharger conversions due to the high cost involved